1066 – Resources.


Excellent 1066 game – play with the family and introduce them to Fulford, Stamford Bridge and Hastings (Senlac). Warning: contains some taunts with some (Saxon based) bad language.


Channel Four’s dramatised documentary, 1066: The Battle for Middle Earth. Warning: contains graphic scenes of bloody battles.

Professor Robert Bartlett describes Hastings.

David Dimbleby introduces the Bayeux ‘Needlework’.

Dan Snow on the English Heritage Hastings re-enactment, 2006.

Novelist Stewart Binns introduces his book Conquest.

Novelist Helen Hollick’s trailer for Harold the King (US: I am the Chosen King)

Some websites:

Primary Sources and other links.

2011 English Heritage Battle of Hastings Event.

Bernard Cornwell Competition

These resources are made available to partner bloggers to help you develop your posting promoting the HNS DEATH OF KINGS competition.

Bernard Cornwell Interview, 15th Sept 2011.


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